Speed analysis on the motorway network in the Republic of Serbia

  • Miloš Malbaša University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering
Keywords: speed, motorway, traffic flow, technical exploitation characteristics


Speed ​​is the most important parameter of traffic flow. Many studies have addressed this parameter, especially the impact of increasing or decreasing speed limits on traffic flow. Changing the speed limit from 120 km/h to 130 km/h on motorways in the Republic of Serbia has caused a lot of attention. The aim of this paper was to analyze this change from several important aspects. Based on the traffic counter data, a speed analysis was performed according to a realistic and hypothetical scenario for the past few years. The hypothetical scenario shows what would happen with the speed if the limit in the observed years was 130 km/h.
Also, the analysis of compliance of technical -exploitation characteristics of the state road A1 with the legal and technical standards related to the speed of 130 km/h was performed. Finally, a field survey using an android application and a moving observer method showed how the new speed limit affects traffic flow, that is, the dispersion of speed in flow and the average speed of movement.


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Malbaša, M. (2019). Speed analysis on the motorway network in the Republic of Serbia. Put I Saobraćaj, 65(3), 53-59. https://doi.org/10.31075/PIS.65.03.07