Technology of greening slopes stabilized by a supporting net

  • Vjekoslav Budimir Geobrugg AG, Switzerland


For the successful and long-term stabilization of natural slopes and new cuttings in unstable soils and rugged rocks, vegetation restoration is extremely important. Combined with dry sowing and water sowing three-dimensional erosion control geopliding can be very effective for this purpose. On the other hand, 3D construction reduces the impact energy of rain drops and the eroding force of water on the slop. Geotextiles, which are otherwise used as a sowing aid, are generally of low power and are therefore effective only on milder cuts or in combination with wire knitting. In the last 15 years, stabilization of slopes with high-grade steel mesh in combination with anchors has proven to be a good solution. The load-bearing nets transmit forces into the anchors via the fastening plates, and due to the high puncture resistance, greater forces can be introduced into the anchors on the slopes. The RUVOLUM® software, developed for this purpose, is used to determine the adequate anchor grid and the combination of the type and diameter of the anchor and the type of support network. In order to extend the scope of the above erosion control geoplants, they are applied in combination with a lightweight high-grade steel support net, which increases their payload to 53 kN / m or a stronger payload net of 150 kN / m. For faster and easier installation, geocomposites are used, which come as a combination of the good sides of a high-grade load-bearing steel mesh and geo-knitting for erosion control. A load of 150 kN / m and a puncture resistance of 180 kN can be transferred to the anchors if a fastening system is used. Here we will show the development and application of this system. Thanks to the system described above, it is now possible, in combination with the soil anchoring system, to effectively provide steep slopes and, depending on location, to restore vegetation.


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