Reorganization and development of the trolleybus subsystem in Belgrade

  • Miroslava Kaluđerović JKP GSP “Beograd”
  • Slađana Stanković JKP GSP “Beograd”
  • Mara Dabović JKP GSP “Beograd”
  • Suzana Mazić JGP GSP Beograd


The IME (Identity - Mobility - Ecology) Project, initiated by the City of Belgrade, aims to bring together a number of different projects focused on strengthening the city identity, promoting and implementing the concept of sustainable mobility and enhancing environmental awareness.

The implementation of this project significantly influences the appearance, concept and organization of the trolleybus subsystem in the central city area.

The extension of the pedestrian zone in the city centre must continue to ensure the functioning of public transport in order to meet the needs of the city's residents to reach the desired destination in an easy, simple and safe way.

The main goal of the analysis Reorganization and Development of the Trolleybus subsystem in Belgrade, is to find the optimal solution for reorganization of the existing trolleybus line network as well as further development directions of the trolleybus subsystem as a significant sustainable city mobility factor. 


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Kaluđerović, M., Stanković, S., Dabović, M., & Mazić, S. (2019). Reorganization and development of the trolleybus subsystem in Belgrade. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 65(4), 45-47.