The level of ambient sounds as an indicator of urban road safety

  • Filip Zivkovic University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering
Keywords: Traffic related noise, Urban road safety, Public health, Road safety indicator


Traffic in urban areas has led to environmental noise pollution. However, traffic is not only source of noise, so environmental noise is referred to as a communal noise, which is combination of several sources. All sources may lead to consequences on human health such as: stress, tinnitus, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and death in extreme cases. In this regard, ambient sound levels were measured at 19 locations in the city of Belgrade, during the winter and summer period. The aim of this paper is to show ambient sounds level as an indicator of urban road safety, based on which it would be possible to complete the goals of creating cities suitable for the life of citizens.


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Zivkovic, F. (2020). The level of ambient sounds as an indicator of urban road safety. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 66(4), 11-18.