Roundabouts - drivers' attitudes about the way of moving in two-lane roundabouts

  • Nikola Gnjatović Mechanical School Prijedor
Keywords: Roundabouts, Traffic safety, Attitudes


In the last few years, there has been an expansion in the construction of roundaboust. The construction of roundabouts, raised the level of traffic safety. However, it can not be said that all roundabouts have the same level of traffic safety. One-lane roundabouts belong to the category of roundabouts with the fewest points of conflict,  and then follow two-lane and multi-lane roundabouts. In general, in the Republic of  Srpska there are certain deficiency in the statute and regulations, which refer to this area. These deficiency bring drivers to misapprehension how  they should behave at roundabouts. In this labour will be presented the data obtained by surveying with random sampling. Attitudes refer to the way of direction of drivers, only in two-lane roundabouts. Also, in the labour we will provide a suggestion of measures. The suggested measures are practical and can be relatively easily applied in our country.


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Gnjatović, N. (2021). Roundabouts - drivers’ attitudes about the way of moving in two-lane roundabouts. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 67(2), 53-60.