Review of Toll payment apps for smartphons

  • Smiljana Pavlović University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering
Keywords: Mobile applications, toll payment


The constant increase in motorization rate and passenger cars usage lead to rising traffic congestion, which causes traffic delays and unfavorable traffic regime. In the toll collection system, the use of modern devices, specifically smartphones, would allow vehicles to pass through the toll collection system without stopping and time delays, which would solve the problems of queuing but also reduce the impact of vehicles on environmental pollution. This paper describes the ways of working of various applications that are used today in countries around the world, mainly as a secondary way of paying the fee for the use of the road network. The analysis of applications showed that in order to pay the toll, in addition to downloading the application, the user needs to create a user account, enter the number of vehicle registration plates and the number of payment, credit or debit card through which payment will be made. In addition to the benefits offered by mobile devices, there are certain disadvantages and space for further improvement.


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Pavlović, S. (2022). Review of Toll payment apps for smartphons. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 68(1), 51-57.