Speed of pedestrian movement at marked pedestrian crossings

  • Budimir Bajbic University of East Sarajevo, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Doboj
Keywords: Pedestrian crossing Crossing width Pedestrian speed


 The pedestrians crossing was influenced by a number of factors, which the most important of those are the time and speed of pedestrian crossings. They are in direct dependence on the width of the marked pedestrian crossing, and they were analyzed at two marked crossings in Teslić, with the same characteristics, next to the high school and next to the primary school. The target groups of the research consisted of different ages of students divided by gender and three grade classes and students who come with their parents. In order to obtain the most accurate data on pedestrian speeds, which is the goal of the research, in addition to the method of scientific observation, the video recording technique was also used. The result of these methods are tables in which speeds and crossing times are classified, on the basis of which graphs of speed, crossing times and the level of service of given pedestrian crossings are presented. As a result, it was concluded that by increasing the width of the pedestrian crossing at both locations, the speed of pedestrian crossing would decrease, bearing in mind that a larger width of the pedestrian crossing allows for a longer crossing time.


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Bajbic, B. (2022). Speed of pedestrian movement at marked pedestrian crossings. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 68(2), 53-61. https://doi.org/10.31075/PIS.68.02.08