School traffic patrols

  • Vedran Vukšić Center for Scientific Research.
  • Tijana Ivanišević Center for Scientific Research
Keywords: Traffic accidents, Law on traffic safety, Traffic education


The application of school traffic patrols has been the subject of discussion for many years. A certain part of the professional public believes that school traffic patrols perform an important task in improving the safety of children on the roads and to encourage school children to accept responsibility, while the rest of the professional public believes that children are at risk and that children are young to take office. accepted responsibility. However, school traffic patrols are a great success in the world. Namely, in Germany, since the establishment of school traffic patrols in 1953, no traffic accident has been recorded with severely injured and dead children, while in Washington, more than 90% of schools have established school traffic patrols. In this paper, the experiences of developed countries in establishing school traffic patrols are presented.


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Vukšić, V., & Ivanišević, T. (2022). School traffic patrols. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 68(2), 47-52.