Safety of users of electric scooters in the area of the city of Obrenovac

  • Milica Radovanović University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering
Keywords: micromobility, electric scooters, safety, pedestrians, car drivers


In recent years, micromobility, as an affordable, environmentally friendly and efficient form of transport, is often mentioned as an adequate alternative to the passenger car on congested city streets for the realization of the transport requirements of its inhabitants. In this paper, attention is focused on electric or e-scooters, one of the new means of micromobile transportation. Taking into account the frequency of use of electric scooters in the area of the city of Obrenovac, the goal of this paper includes the analysis of the safety of users of electric scooters, as well as determining the mutual influence of e-scooter users and pedestrians, i.e. drivers of passenger cars on safety. The obtained results indicate that the residents of Obrenovac recognize all the benefits that this mode of transportation brings them, but they also see the problems and shortcomings of the current situation in the field of using this means of transportation and realize that changes are necessary. The data obtained from a survey of the attitudes and behavior of e-scooter users can be useful to decision-makers as basic guidelines for the adequate implementation of e-scooters in transport systems.


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Radovanović, M. (2023). Safety of users of electric scooters in the area of the city of Obrenovac. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 69(1), 61-68.