Construction of eco-crossing on traffic roads in areas of preserved nature

  • Elma Šukurica University of Montenegro, Faculty of Metallurgy and Technology, Department of Environmental Protection, Podgorica, Montenegro
  • Jovana Đukanović University of Montenegro, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Management in Civil Engineering, Podgorica, Montenegro
Keywords: section, environmental protection measures, eco-passages, fenced openings, animal protection


With the implementation of the project "Reconstruction and modernization of the main road M-18 Podgorica-Danilovgrad", which was financed by the EBRD, an upgrade and reconstruction of the 15 km long section was carried out. In this project, which included: widening of the road from 2 to 4 lanes, reconstruction of bridges, construction of new roundabouts and installation of water drainage systems, special attention was paid to environmental protection. As the section of the road is located within a key biodiversity area, during the preparation of the project numerous biodiversity studies have been carried out, all in accordance with domestic and international standards in the field of environment. During construction, numerous environmental protection measures were implemented, and one of them is the construction of an eco-crossing for animals that will enable the safe crossing of animals from one side of the road to the other. These are alternative crossings over or under major roads, in areas of preserved nature, which aim to disrupt the way of life of wild animals as little as possible and prevent their extermination, i.e., to contribute to species conservation. In addition to this, fenced openings are left on the dividing island so that the animals have enough natural light. The goal of this report is to show that, with the adaptation of the project solution, the ecological value of the project area was preserved, and that this example of adapting the road to its living space represents a successful campaign in raising environmental awareness.


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Šukurica, E., & Đukanović, J. (2023). Construction of eco-crossing on traffic roads in areas of preserved nature. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 69(2), 19-25.