Environmental protection and the road database

  • Nada Dragović Highway Institute, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Snežana Radulović Jevremović Highway Institute, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Mimoza Jeličić PE Roads of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia
Keywords: Databases, environment, mitigation plans, monitoring


In recent years, we have witnessed the intensive construction of road routes through Serbia. Mitigation plans have been designed on all newly constructed sections and environmental monitoring is foreseen. In order to successfully implement mitigation and monitoring plans, there is a need to consolidate a large number and type of data. Within the PE "Roads of Serbia" there is a Database department responsible for the management, collection, updating and analysis of the data referring to roads, traffic, traffic signage and equipment, traffic accidents, structures, etc. This paper points to the necessity of upgrading the existing database with data based on applied environmental protection measures, requirements regarding regular maintenance and monitoring of their effectiveness through a monitoring plan. All the elements of mitigation plans that should be included in the database are presented in detail: noise protection walls, oil separators used to treat waste water, wire fences that are adapted to certain animal species and wildlife crossings. The database should also contain monitoring data for surface water, groundwater, air, soil and noise level. In order to improve environmental protection, proposals were also made on the use of data already entered in the existing database and their upgrading.


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Dragović, N., Radulović Jevremović, S., & Jeličić, M. (2023). Environmental protection and the road database. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 69(3), 33-37. https://doi.org/10.31075/PIS.69.03.05