Application of matrices in transport

  • Dragan Radovanovic Elementary school „Vuk Karadžić“, Sočanica, Serbia
Keywords: matrices, transport chain, stacking of cargo, choice of variant


The action of linear operators can be represented in a matrix, so it is most convenient to write systems of equations with a large number of unknowns in matrix form. In the following text, the basic operations with matrices will be listed, the existing computer tools in operations with matrices will be pointed out, and finally some practical problems from transportation that can be solved with matrices will be given. The transport chain can be formed by one or more types, with different cargo handling technologies, types of cargo units, types of carriers, all of which affect transport costs and delivery time. On the basis of techno-economic analysis, the best variants of transport chains are generated, which should be known by senders and receivers. The number of combinations can be important, and matrices can be used to determine the most favorable variants. The basic problems in the optimization of the stacking of piece loads (goods) on carriers are the appearance and mass at the places of initial and final operations, which in most cases are of stochastic size, and the distribution of load masses in a static and dynamic sense.


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