Standardization, design and use of graphic symbols in traffic engineering

  • Ana Trpković University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering
  • Ivana Subotić PE Roads of Serbia, Belgrade
  • Petar Reković Novius d.o.o., Beograd
  • Igor Vukobratović ADOMNE d.o.o., Novi Sad
  • Naser Mostafa MHM-projekt d.o.o., Novi Sad
Keywords: graphic symbols, standardization, guideposts and tourist signalization


Traffic signalization is the basic way of communication between the road and the road user. Different groups of signs and labels comprise a complex information system based on regulations, different standards and norms. Since traffic information can be transmitted textually and graphically, it can be said that the basic characteristic of modern traffic signalization is the combination of graphic symbols and inscriptions. Different graphic symbols and inscriptions are incorporated into a unique visual communication system, which one of the main tasks is to provide users with safe movement on the network of roads and streets, and that the users know where they are and where to find their destination, in every moment. The focus of this paper is focused on the part of the traffic signalization that deals with graphic symbols - pictograms. Pictograms are graphically designed objects or items that are needed to more closely explain the indicated message. In traffic engineering, the use of pictograms is most significant in the area of ​​road signage or tourist signalization, which in some way initiated the revision and extension of existing normative references used in their design and construction. The paper will present the current changes in the field of standardization of graphic symbols for general use on the international and national level, with the main goal is to familiarize the professional public with new possibilities and solutions in this field, as well as problems of domestic engineering practice in the use of these graphic code elements.


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Trpković, A., Subotić, I., Reković, P., Vukobratović, I., & Mostafa, N. (2018). Standardization, design and use of graphic symbols in traffic engineering. Put I Saobracaj, 64(4), 43-47.