The possibility of the application of copper slag in asphalt mixtures

  • Jelena Đorđević Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Bor
  • Marko Orešković University of Belgrade, Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Goran Mladenović University of Belgrade, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Keywords: cooper slag, asphalt mixtures, water resistance, stiffness, rutting resistance


Rapid industrial development over the last decades has led to the creation of a diversified industrial waste that poses serious environmental problems. On several occasions attempts have been made to increase the reuse of waste and alternative materials for the construction of civil engineering structures. One of these materials is the copper slag that is byproduct of melting and processing of copper ore. The objective of this paper is to investigate the possibility of using copper slag from RTB Bor in asphalt mixtures for wearing courses of pavement structures. For this purpose, the testing of two asphalt mixtures AB11s with different percentages of the content of copper slag, as a partial replacement of the natural aggregate, was carried out. The replacement percentage of copper slag was 25% and 50% of fractions 2/4, 4/8 and 8/11.2 mm. The obtained results were compared with the control mixture. In addition to the physico - mechanical characteristics of the slag (density, water absorption, toughness and abrasion characteristics, affinity between slag and bitumen, particle shape), the subject of this research is the design of asphalt mixtures according to the Marshall method and testing of the water resistance, stiffness and resistance to permanent deformation of asphalt mixtures with slag. The results of these tests show that asphalt mixtures with cooper slag have better water resistance, but lower resistance to permanent deformation, lower stiffness at low frequencies (high temperatures) and higher stiffness at high temperatures (low frequencies).


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Đorđević, J., Orešković, M., & Mladenović, G. (2018). The possibility of the application of copper slag in asphalt mixtures. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 64(4), 29-38.

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