Climate changes and landslide hazard assessment on the Serbian road network

  • Biljana Abolmasov University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology
Keywords: landslides, landslide hazard assessment, climate changes, road network


Different climatic factors like precipitation, snow melting, temperature changes, etc. influence the stability of slopes and cause landslides and other mass movements processes. Global warming is unequivocal but the effects and the related changes in other climatic parameters and their influence on landslide hazard remain difficult to determine, and to predict. The possible effects of climate changes and slope stability was analyzed and summarized as local or regional, short-term or long term, direct or indirect impact for different landslide types. In this paper, the influence of climate parameters variations in the future on landslide hazard assessment were discussed, as well as overall impact on road network. Brief overview of possible actions for including climate changes vs. landslide hazard on planning and design of new roads and maintenance of existing road network was also presented.


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