Disappearing world – impact of road construction on wetlands and ephemeral aquatic habitats

  • Jasmina Krpo-Ćetković University of Belgrade, Faculty of Biology
  • Sofija Pavković-Lučić University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Biology
  • Dragana Miličić University of Belgrade, Faculty of Biology
Keywords: ephemeral ponds, roads, buffer zone


Small freshwater basins and vernal pools or ephemeral ponds are vulnerable aquatic habitats that are easily disturbed under the impact of various factors. These habitats are essential for a number of aquatic and semiaquatic organisms. Furthermore, the area around these waterbodies (or "life zone") is equally important for completion of their life cycles; it is thus recommended that a wider area of a radius between 30 to 300 m should be protected as well, and if present species display distinct migratory behaviour, it is necessary to extend this buffer-zone even up to 1000 m around the waterbody. However, this is sometimes not easily achieved in practice if there is a road or other public infrastructure in vicinity. Some species are completely dependent on their ephemeral habitat. Their biology and ecology must be taken into account when planning any type of activity near such waterbodies. Due to their small size, these waterbodies are not in the focus of neither lawmakers nor planers and contractors, and are widely neglected in spatial and other planning. For their adequate protection, it is necessary to properly plan construction activities, to secure a natural protective zone, and to create habitat corridors. Generally, it is important to raise awareness on significance of ephemeral wetland protection and conservation through education of decision makers, wider communities, and contractors themselves.


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Krpo-Ćetković, J., Pavković-Lučić, S., & Miličić, D. (2019). Disappearing world – impact of road construction on wetlands and ephemeral aquatic habitats. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 63(3), 79-83. Retrieved from https://putisaobracaj.rs/index.php/PiS/article/view/75