Analysis of expected noise impacts in the area of the planned highway Banja Luka - Prijedor

  • Nebojša Knežević University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Mining, Prijedor
  • Igor Milunović University of Banja Luka, Mathematics Faculty of Banja Luka
Keywords: Environment, Highway, Noise, Impacts, Traffic, Motor Vehicles.


The goal of the construction of the Banja Luka - Prijedor highway is to improve the traffic capacity of this road as well as to improve the entire segment of side effects, of which the environmental impacts are one of the most significant. The total length of the route of the future highway Banja Luka - Prijedor is 40.7 km. The planned route passes in the immediate vicinity of commercial and residential buildings. The project area is divided into two characteristic zones: residential and business zone and zone without residential and business buildings. The subject of this paper is the quantification of the expected noise level that will occur as a result of traffic on the planned highway, in order to design appropriate noise protection measures. Noise generated on roads affects the environment and contributes to the degradation of the quality of life in the vicinity of the highway and disturbs wildlife. Noise emissions from roads are mostly caused by friction between vehicle tires and the highway surface, and aerodynamic resistance to vehicle movement. Endangered / "noise sensitive" areas can be protected by building sound barriers (acoustic walls, earth embankments or gabions) - the so-called. "Active protection measure", by installing windows with improved acoustic insulation - the so-called. "Passive protection or by reducing noise emissions at the source (by limiting the speed of the vehicle or by installing a road curtain with absorption properties).


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Knežević, N., & Milunović, I. (2022). Analysis of expected noise impacts in the area of the planned highway Banja Luka - Prijedor. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 68(2), 27-34.