Air quality measurement on the location of the highway section on corridor Vc, Johovac - FBIH border

  • Nebojša Knežević University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Mining, Prijedor
  • Igor Milunović University of Banja Luka, Mathematics Faculty of Banja Luka
Keywords: air pollution, monitoring, corridor Vc, air quality


Corridor Vc connects the middle part of the Adriatic coast and the port of Ploče, with Corridor X on the Zagreb-Belgrade stretch and ends at the hub in Budapest. The goal of the construction of the corridor Vc Johovac - Border of FBiH is to improve the traffic capacity of this road, as well as to improve the entire segment of accompanying effects, of which the effects on the environment are one of the most significant. The start of the section is located in the town of Johovac, where a loop is planned to connect the highway Banja Luka - Doboj with corridor Vc, and the end of the section is located in the area of ​​the Makljenovac settlement, i.e. to the border with FBiH. The observed coverage of the site is a combination of flat and hilly terrain that is mainly used as agricultural land. The route of the planned highway mainly follows the course of the Bosna River, which is the most dominant watercourse in the section. The total length of this section is 10.65 km. This paper presents the results of air pollution measurements that will be the basis for further assessment of air quality when the highway is put into operation. Air pollution represents the concentration of harmful substances over the tolerance limit (maximum permissible concentration - MPC), however, this concentration will depend not only on the intensity of the source of pollution, but also on local conditions in terms of air currents, precipitation, terrain configuration, etc. The effect of air pollution on the population can be direct or indirect. Air pollution directly damages and worsens people's health, while its indirect effect manifests itself through a harmful effect on domestic animals, vegetation, material and cultural assets.


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Knežević, N., & Milunović, I. (2022). Air quality measurement on the location of the highway section on corridor Vc, Johovac - FBIH border. Journal of Road and Traffic Engineering, 68(3), 11-18.