Research of time headways at roundabout approaches

  • Dunja Radović University of East Sarajevo - Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Doboj
  • Vuk Bogdanović University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Sciences
Keywords: roundabout, follow-up headway, capacity


It is known that traffic flow characteristics have significant influence at the capacity of all functional segments of the road and street network. One of the most important traffic flow parameters which affect the capacity of roundabouts is follow-up headway at minor approaches of roundabouts. This traffic flow parameter, like the most others, depends on driver behaviour, i.e. local traffic conditions. This paper presents the research results related to follow-up headway at three roundabouts obtained by the photographic method. This data collection method is chosen because its application completely eliminates the impact of research at behaviour of traffic participants. After the research, a representative sample is formed and its processing and analysis led to conclusions about the value of follow-up headway at roundabouts which can be applied in standard procedures for capacity calculation at roundabouts in midsize cities of our region.


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Radović, D., & Bogdanović, V. (2021). Research of time headways at roundabout approaches. Put I Saobracaj, 67(3), 23-28.

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